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AdlingtonLtd is a seasonal producer of whole turkeys for the Christmas festivities and an all year round producer of turkey products, including boneless joints, marinated barbeque, cooked and traditionally smoked turkey.
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Boneless Oak-Smoked Turkey

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We are immensely proud of our Oak Smoked Turkey, which has received many awards over the years. Using our new state-of-the-art facility and time-honoured Adlington recipes, we create a delicate, sweet smoked flavour and softly textured meat.

Natural ingredients and our expert smoking technique give the meat a rich, deep brown colour. Firstly, the turkey is brined which helps to enhance its natural flavour. Afterwards, it is smoked over wood chips and slowly cooked to retain the juicy texture.

It’s a time consuming process, but the final product rewards all our effort – as we are sure you’ll agree!

Our oak smoked turkey is available as a saddle or boneless. The saddle is perfect for hand-carving at a large party, and the boneless meat can be either hand- or machine-carved for convenience.

Available fresh all year round.

Allergy Information

Apple and Apricot stuffing contains Wheat Gluten, Celery & Sulphur Dioxide
Apple and Cranberry stuffing contains Wheat Gluten, Celery & Sulphur Dioxide
Sage and Onion stuffing contains Wheat Gluten, Celery & Sulphur Dioxide


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